Samantha André

Documentary Filmmaker. 

Samantha André is a multilingual freelance filmmaker. She directs, shoots, and edits documentaries about women’s rights, culture, and justice around the world. Most recently she worked on a documentary series for Apple’s new streaming platform, where she helped produce short documentaries. Before that, she spent a year in Kenya directing a feature documentary that follows a Maasai woman working to stop female genital mutilation, for which André was recognized by Creative Visions’ Creative Activist Program. A short version of her film Here: Maasailand was released February 6th, 2019 by The FRONT at a sold out screening in New York. Previously, she worked at VICE media in Los Angeles for a year in post production. Her work has been featured in PBS and VICE Media and has premiered in several film festivals including Newport Beach and Big Sky. Samantha holds a bachelor’s degree in documentary film with a minor in photography from Chapman University.

On location in Kenya. 2017


"Samantha enjoys an uncanny understanding of the nuances of cultures, and the differences and similarities between cultures, and knows how to employ film as a tool to bridge cultural gaps and misunderstandings. Her compassion and desire to fight for justice for those less fortunate than her, is actually her most incredible and impressive trait, in my view. I believe it lies behind her passion for making the kind of films that she does.  You will have a talented artist working with you, someone who can muster the discipline and skills necessary to achieve her goal. Her abilities to perform the multi-disciplinary tasks of filmmaking are unquestionable. For someone so young to have reached that degree of sophistication when it comes to character studies, and the ability to shoot and edit superbly, is rare in my experience. On a personal level, Sam is very personable, and unflappable in the face of the ever-present stresses and strains and egos of filmmaking. She bears it all with a wonderful sense of humor, but that does not dampen her steely resolve to reach her goal despite all barriers and hurdles. I know Sam will be making films for a long time to come. She works beautifully with teammates, yet also have the self-control and stability to initiate things and work on her own. I am really looking forward to her next projects."

Bicky Singh. Founder of Sikh Lens Film Festival

"Sam has exhibited herself as hardworking, tenacious, and eager. She has always done effective and thorough research before taking on a topic for her documentary projects, taking the time needed and doing the work to educate herself fully about her ideas.  Sam has excelled in the development of her project proposals and films, and has always done thorough, constant work.

Sally Rubin. Documentary  filmmaker. 

"Samantha's assistance in the edit room was a huge asset to our film, The Human Trial. She has a bright future ahead of her!"

Lisa Hepner. Documentary Filmmaker.

"Samantha and her team led production, from concept to editing, of five exceptional videos about Acterra's environmental work in the Silicon Valley. Throughout the process, she was incredibly professional and knowledgable; and I felt confident and comfortable connecting her with our most important volunteers, supporters and senior staff members. Acterra is a complex organization, and Samantha was able to quickly pick up the key points of our work and highlight them in the videos. With little supervision, she developed exceptional videos that will have a huge impact on our ability to engage volunteers and financial support for years to come."

Amber De Buizer. Acterra non profit development director.

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